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The Crenshaw Connection

Jewda Couture Letterman’s jacket

Jewda Couture Letterman’s jacket

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Jewda Couture Letterman’s Jacket 

with The King Micah Johmon Crenshaw Prayer on the back

The King Micah Johmon Crenshaw Prayer

The order is Ahaya The most High God, Yashaya Christ the savior , Yahwa which is The Holy Spirit, Heavenly Angels, Man, Woman, then child. Ahaya the wicked nor unbeliever has no place in your kingdom. Ahaya as I seek repentance forgive me as I forgive others as I apply Psalms 55:17, Deuteronomy 28:1-14, Matthew 6:5-15, Matthew 6:31-33,and Psalms 37:4 to my life I refuse to turn my ear from the law so that my prayer will not be an abomination.  Ahaya I ask in prayer make me stay woke like Yashaya Christ even though I made mistakes but He sin not. Ahaya open my eyes like Yashaya Christ did the blind man. Ahaya give me the wisdom like Solomon. Ahaya give me the strength like Samson. Ahaya give me a heart like David. Ahaya give me the promise like you did Jacob. Ahaya give me the favor like Abraham. Ahaya turn my life around like you did Paul. Ahaya help me live long like Moses. Ahaya help me to pray like Yashaya Christ even though I made mistakes but He sin not.  Ahaya make me a man of God like Elijah.  Ahaya help me be obedient and faithful like Yashaya Christ even though I made mistakes but He sin not.  Ahaya help me to teach parables like Yashaya Christ even though I made mistakes but He sinned not.  Ahaya make me a watchmen like Ezekiel.  Ahaya make me a servant like Jude.  Ahaya help me reap the harvest like Job.  Ahaya give me decernment that I won't be tricked by the enemy.  Ahaya by Yashaya Christ blood no sickness can dwell in my body neither will harm come near me.  Ahaya give me the courage like Daniel.  Ahaya give the faith like the woman with the issue of blood.  Ahaya raise me up like Lazarus.  Ahaya I learned my lesson like Jonah.  Ahaya help me make it into the kingdom like Enoch.  Ahaya give me the abundance like Jehoshaphat.  Ahaya as I keep your commandments make me apart of the rimnant.  Ahaya defend me against Lucifer, Esau, Cain, Judas, Jezebel, Pharaoh, Nimrod, Delilah, and the principalities and rulers of this dark world.  Ahaya keep me humble like the poor man.  Ahaya make me an inventor like Adam.  Ahaya give me the breath of life, House of Bread Bethlehem Judah, living water, fruit of the spirit, sword of the spirit, fruits of righteousness, helmet of salvation, gospel of peace, eternal life, money as a defense, Your word as a defense, shield of faith, and a sound mind, also wash me down with water by the word that Yashaya Christ may baptize me with The Holy Ghost and with fire that I be without spot or blimmiss in Yashaya Christ name the believers pray amen.


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